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Ok, so you finished step 1, (aka contacting us to get our experience & pricing guides) and you've read through everything BUT you're still not sure what product or collection you think you'll want to preserve your images from your amazing boudoir experience. Well, don't you fret pretty lady, we're here to help!

This is our second post for Product in the Spotlight series! This series will help give you an idea of what you want before we even do your session! How awesome would it be to know exactly what shot you want to put on your wall? That's something we can brainstorm if we already know how you're preserving your images. You can also earn bonus products by selecting your collection for a Pre-Payment plan (complete step 1if you want to get the info!)

So, without further ado, our second

Product in the Spotlight is our Curio Display box.


WHAT IT IS: A handcrafted glass box that encases mounted prints of 15 of your favorite images wrapped in a coordinating silk ribbon. Choose from antique gold, rose gold, and silver, the curio box will not only protect your images, but display them gorgeously in your home with the nostalgia of your grandmother's antiquities.

HOW TO GET IT: The curio display box is available in our A La Carte menu but is also the star of our Petite collection which comes with our Diamond Block. Whether via A La Carte or in the Petite collection, the Curio Display Box pairs perfectly with our mobile album app.

(Contact us here, if you'd like a detailed price list). WHY WE LOVE IT: What we love about the curio display box is it's not JUST a box of beautiful prints, it's a piece that will contribute to the decor of your home in a timeless fashion, so you'll never find yourself thinking "I wish I had gotten something less trendy." All of the prints are mounted on super thick and durable paper, so your images will withstand being handled for years to come. No need to feel apprehensive about looking through your images on a day you need that confidence boost. Mounted prints are also great because you can rotate your images through display frames, should you want to show them to the world! Another cool thing is your images are placed in your box in no particular order, kind of like a deck of cards, which means selecting your images is simply just picking the ones that are your absolute favorites. To help maintain privacy from curious eyes, we can put a cute quote on top so that it looks like a box of quotes. (Your in-laws will be none the wiser 😉).

Silver, Rose Gold, Antique Gold with customized quotes!

Watch the video below to see an example of our Curio Display Box!

What do YOU think? Would the Curio Display Box be a good fit for you? Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Yay! It's that time again! Time for another Product in the Spotlight! We've written this blog series to help give you an idea of the products you want before your session! Knowing exactly which products or collection you want gives you the chance to brainstorm the perfect shot leading up to your shoot. Thinking you want an anonymous shot in your master bathroom and a booty shot on his nightstand? Having made that decision already, we'll be able to put time aside during your session to nail those shots! What better, you'll be able earn bonus products by selecting your collection for a Pre-Payment plan (contact us if you want to get more info!) Today's Product in the Spotlight is the...

Accordion Mini Book


WHAT IT IS: A 3"x3" book made up of prints folded up into a mini accordion album (aka the cutest thing). It is designed to hold 7 images, 4 on one side, 3 on the other and is securely closed with sturdy magnets. We typically design them together at your reveal as the print panels require unique crops, and we'll want to pick just the right images that will fit!

HOW TO GET IT: The accordion mini book is available as a pair in our A La Carte menu but is also a potential BONUS item with any Pre-Paid Collection!

(Contact us here, if you'd like a detailed price list). WHY WE LOVE IT: We love that the accordion mini book fits perfectly into a pocket or purse, allowing you to carry the memories of your awesome boudoir experience with you anywhere you go! Maybe you want to show it off at your next Mom group, or send it in a Deployment Care Package! Makes for a cute little stocking stuffer or adorable "just because gift".

Leather & Linen Cover Options!

Watch the video below to see examples of our Accordion Mini Book!

What do YOU think? Would you carry your accordion book in YOUR purse? Do you have any questions? Contact us!

It’s possible that I might be a little biased when I say this, but I think one of the best things that has come with the recent rise of feminism and the body positivity movement is the growing acceptance and popularity of boudoir photography. (See, just a smidge biased) Once really only considered to be a hyper-sexualized gift for someone else, now boudoir is more greatly associated with empowerment and self-appreciation. Now...I am downnnnn to create some 🔥🔥🔥 images that'll make anyone feel flushed, ☝🏻however, I am not creating them thinking “Oh, her person is gonna love these!” Yes, they’re going to love the shhhhhiiiii out of your images (because seriously, how could they not?!), but what I’m actually thinking is “Oh my god, I cannot wait for her to be blown away by her own gorgeousness!”

A boudoir session has the power to change who you see in the mirror because it’s going to give you the knowledge and assurance to see past the sweatpants and Mom-bun and see the true beauty you REALLY are, the one who can conquer the world, sweatpants be damned. So, as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That responsibility for boudoir photographers being this: the women (and men) who come to us trust us with their insecurities and their vulnerabilities and it is our responsibility to make sure they leave our studio feeling built up with confidence versus torn down. Unfortunately, choosing a photographer that will do this for you can be a bit of a gamble. So, to ensure that you have all the right tools to make sure you choose the boudoir photographer that’s right for you, I’ve put together this handy dandy list of Do’s and Dont’s.

1. DON'T simply pick the first photographer you come across on Google

I’m sure this goes without saying, but this can’t NOT be on the list. In any given area, there are tons of photographers to choose from! Open a few tabs and compare their quality of work. Does their portfolio showcase women of various ages, skin tones, and figures? Does their work jump all over the place stylistically or remain consistent? Don't roll the dice on a photographer who you aren't sure will be able to flatter you or you won't know what kind of style or look you're going to get! Which, speaking of style...

2. DO choose a photographer with a style you’re drawn to

You wouldn’t commission Picasso to carve a statue like Michaelangelo. Not because Picasso isn’t an amazing artist, just the wrong artist. You want a "Michaelangelo", hire Michaelangelo or perhaps someone apparently inspired by his work. Each photographer (boudoir or otherwise) spends years refining their work into a style all their own, and to hire them is to say that you’ve viewed their portfolio and accept their artistic style. So if you are looking for a dark and sultry look to your images when the body of their work is light, airy, and soft, you’re likely not going to be happy with the ultimate outcome. Find an artist whose work speaks to you and captures the side of you you're seeking to preserve.

3. DON'T skip the consultation

Whether it be over the phone, in-person, or simply chatting via Facebook, make sure you connect with your photographer in some way prior to your session. Following their pages on FB or Instagram, or like for our studio, joining our Facebook group The Queendom, is a great way to not only get a taste of their work and style, but also who your photographer is! Boudoir is a very intimate genre of photography, and you'll likely be working with them one on one the day of your session, so you want to be as sure as possible that you'll be comfortable with them! If you don't feel comfortable, it WILL show in your expressions and in the tension of your body and you'll want your most confident self to be the one showing back at you in your images! A consultation is also a great opportunity to view the space you’ll be shooting in!

4. DO consider your session an investment for your future self

We know investment is a top priority for most women regarding most things. The key to choosing a boudoir photographer is considering value. Are you getting the best quality experience and products for your investment? Remember, you’re not investing only money, you’re investing time and trust. It’s important that your trust and vulnerability is valued so that your future self will thank you. Our goal is for you to look back at your images 30 years from now and not only reminisce over your outer beauty but also feel a sense of pride for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and learn to love yourself. A quality boudoir experience has the power to kickstart a journey of self-love and acceptance that you will value for years to come. Part of that journey starts with making sure you feel like a QUEEN for a day! Our studio provides hair & make-up via a professional hair & make-up artist complimentary with our session experience. We chose to provide this service so we could ease you into feeling comfortable to get in front of the camera and because having a partnership with a reliable and talented HMUA turns into a consistently beautiful outcome for the images of all of our clients. Unfortunately, too many women forget how important it is to take time for themselves. A “quickie” session or an assembly line boudoir marathon isn’t going to have nearly the personal type of experience and a lot of instances not offer you the time to feel comfortable before jumping into the vulnerable stuff. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn‘t feel totally warmed up to posing in my underwear with a stranger in 30 minutes 😅 These are important things to keep in mind when deciding which experience you want to invest in. We also know money doesn‘t grow on trees, so our studio offers a whole list of payment options from financing to payment plans, so you don’t have to compromise on the quality or value of any part of your boudoir experience.

I hope you found this list of Do's and Don'ts for Choosing Your Perfect Boudoir Photographer to be helpful! My biggest dream is for EVERY woman to have an experience that leaves them feeling EMPOWERED and choosing the right photographer for YOU is the first start! If you find that we sound like your perfect match, CONTACT US to get our info sent right to your inbox.

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