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The next product I'm going to talk about in the Product in the Spotlight series is by far my personal favorite product; Luxury Albums! In case you're new around here: check out the rest of this series, (which is intended to help give you an idea of what you want before we even do your session!) Whether you want to keep your images securely locked away or out on display, this series will help guide you to the perfect medium for preserving your images! Another perk to knowing what you want before your session is that you can earn bonus products by selecting a collection for a Pre-Payment plan! (Contact us if you want to get the details!)

Product in the Spotlight: Luxury Albums


WHAT IT IS: A collection of your images curated into a book style album with thick pages, durable cover materials, and thoughtfully designed layouts. Various material options in plain, metallic and pearlescent leathers and luscious velvets. The luminous Diamond Cover upgrade makes your album a showstopper fit for a Queen! ♛

HOW TO GET IT: Our Luxury Albums are available in 3 sizes in our A La Carte or in the Lush, Lavish, and Opulence Collections. Our 6x9" contains 20 images, 8x10" contains 30, and 8x12" contains 40. (Contact us here, if you'd like a detailed price list). WHY WE LOVE IT: Ok, so I'm going to try not to pull out a podium when talking about how much I loveeeeeee albums 😅. Perhaps my obsession is rooted in my graphic design education, but regardless, designing an album together with my clients is one of my favorite parts of the whole experience! Choosing an album to preserve your images is the PERFECT way to make your session more than a simple photoshoot or collage of random cute images; it's an opportunity to tell YOUR sexy story. Putting your images together in a book forces us to put images in a particular order (unlike with boxes) and in intentional layouts. Because of that, we're able to immerse the viewer into all the sensual details of your session. While using album design software together at the studio at your Image Premiere, you may consider images that help tell that story that you otherwise probably wouldn't include in a collection of loose prints (like in our Locket Box). I love to imagine not only the reactions of my client's significant others seeing their amazing album, but also my clients 30 years from now, looking back through their albums in awe of themselves and thankful they chose to preserve that version of themselves for a lifetime. Albums are heirloom quality meant to last a lifetime.

Albums are also easy to keep pretty private, even for significant others who may be overseas. Each album comes with a protective box to keep them from unnecessary wear & tear, and curb the curiosity of others. Really make sure it stays private with a cute message like "For Your Eyes Only" in Foil, on the front!

Watch the video below to see more details of our gorgeous Luxury Albums!

Want to see what a full album design could look like?

Click the image below to view a 8x12 album design! (Only viewable on a computer or tablet, sorry!)

What do YOU think? Is a Luxury Album a must-have? Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Yay! It's that time again! Time for another Product in the Spotlight! We've written this blog series to help give you an idea of the products you want before your session! Knowing exactly which products or collection you want gives you the chance to brainstorm the perfect shot leading up to your shoot. Thinking you want an anonymous shot in your master bathroom and a booty shot on his nightstand? Having made that decision already, we'll be able to put time aside during your session to nail those shots! What better, you'll be able earn bonus products by selecting your collection for a Pre-Payment plan (contact us if you want to get more info!) Today's Product in the Spotlight is the...

Diamond Block



WHAT IT IS: A 5X7" block made of thick acrylic that is designed to stand on its own, no frame needed! The print is mounted using metallic paper to capture the richness of your favorite image and includes a black backing to help protect your image so it lasts for years to come!

HOW TO GET IT: The Diamond Block is available on our A La Carte menu but is also included with every single one of our collections!

(Contact us here, if you'd like a detailed price list). WHY WE LOVE IT: We love that the Diamond Block stands completely on its own, making it a versatile, timeless, and effortless gift! Looks great on your dresser, his nightstand, or literally ANYWHERE in your home! Choose a sexy anonymous shot, booty shot, or one of you smiling! The hardest part will be picking just 1!

Watch the video below to see an examples of our Diamond Block!

What do YOU think? What type of shot would you pick for your Diamond Block? Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Your boudoir session is an amazing, transformative experience that will produce gorgeous art that you will want to preserve for years to come. This means that you will want to find the perfect products for what your priorities are and how you envision preserving your images. Are you wanting to display an anonymous shot in your master bathroom or one of you wrapped up in the arms of your special someone over your bed? Do you prefer loose prints to display or the opportunity to tell a story in an album?

To help you answer these questions, I've decided to dedicate a series of blog posts to specific products to tell you more about them and why I love them so much that they've been curated into the products I offer! I frequently get questions about the difference between products, what might be the best fit for what you're looking for, and simply what some products are; so I’m excited to finally get the chance to get this series rolling!

This series will help give you an idea of what you want before we even do your session! An awesome perk to that is we can take that into account while we're shooting your session, so we get the PERFECT shot for your artwork. It also helps if you decide to take advantage of one of our Pre-Payment options. (Contact us here, if you'd like to learn more.)

I'm typically an acronym lover, however "PITS" doesn't exactly sound glamorous, so I'm gonna stick with the mouth full of a title that it is 🤣. So, I'm proud to share our very first Product in the Spotlight is about a very popular and fun product... our Mobile Album App!

WHAT IT IS: A mobile album app is essentially a personal/to-go version of your image collection. It is an app-style gallery containing your selected images in social media resolution. These lower resolution images are not ideal for printing, so no print-release is included, but they still look gorgeous on your phone!

HOW TO GET IT: The mobile album app is only available with the purchase of an album, box, or collection. It is designed to be an add-on, as it contains all the images you selected to get in tangible print-form. It is particularly a great option for a gal checking out our A La Carte options, since most of our collections include the high-res digital images, and will automatically have a gallery included. (Contact us here, if you'd like a detailed price list). WHY I LOVE IT: What I love about the mobile album is it's a way to get a digital version of your selected images, without making the same investment as a full-resolution gallery that contains a print release. So, no you won't be able to print the images, but say your boo is off on deployment and wants to see those gorgeous images of yours, even though they don't have internet...As long as they had access to the internet the first time they opened it, and saved it as an app to their home screen, they'll have offline access to your gallery ANY. TIME. THEY. WANT. The app is awesome whether you want to keep your images totally private, or share them with all your friends! Plus, it’s totally cute!

Watch the video below to see how the Mobile Album App works!

What do YOU think? Would the mobile album app be a good fit for you? Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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