How far ahead should I book my session?

If you're doing your session for yourself with no particular timeline in mind, I suggest giving yourself a minimum of 2-3 months ahead of your session to prepare. You'll then have time to shop around in-store and online for the perfect outfits, get your hair done (and potentially fix any oopsies) and pamper yourself with trips to the spa all before your session date so you feel 100% prepared and at ease.

If you're doing your session with the intention of giving a gift, I suggest booking your session about 6 months in advance of the date you would like to give them. You'll want 2-3 months before your session to prepare and another 6-8 weeks after your session for you to see your images, place your order and for your products to come in. (Varies based off products selected).

Sessions are not typically available on short notice, but don't hesitate to ask. Our calendar is typically booked full 2-3 months in advance, so contact Jenna for availability!

May I bring a friend?

You are welcome to invite a trusted friend to join you while you are getting pampered! When we begin shooting, it will just be the two of us, but they are free to hang out, go shopping, or grab some coffee while we’re in the studio having our fun! Just let us know you're planning to bring someone so we can make sure to have extra refreshments made available! *Covid Disclaimer - this policy is currently suspended until further notice

Do you do couples sessions?

Absolutely! Couples are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy this experience together! Only one hair & make-up application is included in our session fee, so if additional application is needed, it will be invoiced separately upon request! Other than that, it is treated the same as any other session!

I'm not good at posing, can I do something like this?

I'll let you in on a little secret...ALL the women you see in my portfolio are 100% real, everyday gorgeous women, not models! Your boudoir session requires absolutely no modeling experience, and you will be guided throughout the whole process. Believe it or not, I am useless in front of the camera, I always feel like a deer in the headlights, so I deliver the type of instruction I personally also need. So rest assured, I am there bossing you around and telling you went your toes are doing weird things. I got your back!

I have blemishes and/or insecurities....?

Whilst shooting at your session, I keep a note of all the features you love about yourself, & the features you wish to minimize; only placing you in poses that are sure to bring focus to the places you are most confident, & maybe even some places you were unsure about (but I find beautiful about you!). Basic skin retouching & artistic editing are completed once you make your selections and place your order at your Image Premiere!

Where will my session take place?

Our luxurious private studio is located in the Chelsea district of Historic Downtown Norfolk. It is specifically designed & furnished for boudoir photography. If you'd like something more personalized, we can also do an In-Home boudoir session! Or, if you're feeling adventurous, we can head outside for some stunning Outdoor Boudoir Photography! If this is something you would like to do, simply reach out and I will notate your session details when you book!

Do you provide wardrobe?

Not exactly. My clients are encouraged to bring/purchase pieces specifically for their shoot to ensure they are adorned with pieces that fit them perfectly... However, I do have a selection of lingerie pieces in our Client Closet as well as accessories to help fill in any gaps in your wardrobe and bring your outfits to the next level. I encourage my clients to select a minimum of 3 outfits to bring, and we'll narrow down your final selections while your hair & makeup are being done. Contact Jenna for our extensive visual guide that will help you prepare for your session and in selecting your outfits!

Are my images shared?

I completely understand and respect the intimate nature of boudoir photography and the desire to keep those images private, and take the matter of your privacy very seriously. Any images that are shared, are done so with your explicit permission & signed model release. No images are shared without your permission.

How much does it cost and what is included?

Our session fee is $400 and includes:

  • An initial consultation to get acquainted & brainstorm the details of your session, go over your outfit selection & make-up look, & get you prepared for your session
  • 1 hour of pampering complete with professional hair & make-up, as well as delicious refreshments
  • 1 hour shooting time in a private studio space with photographer (with the option to add more time/video)
  • In-person viewing appointment for seeing your 60-80 fully edited images & designing your gifts

Products are sold separately. Collection pricing begins at $1800, a la carte gifts are available with a collection or album/box purchase. Download our App for full pricing information.

Is a Print Release included?

No digitals or prints are included with your session. You can either Pre-Pay for a collection prior to your session, or place your order at your Image Premiere. Print Releases are only available with our digital upgrades & collections. Download our App for our full product & pricing guides!

Do you offer Payment Plans or Financing?

Yes! We hope to have as many women as possible know the awesome power of boudoir and want to make our luxury experience as accessible as possible whilst retaining our unmatched quality of experience, customer service and final products. To that end, we've made available various Payment Plan & Financing options! Contact Jenna to learn more.

How do I book?

Yay! Let's get you started! You can Download our App to book your session or Contact Jenna to get you on the books!