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I love wine, chips & salsa, Netflix shows, puppies and all things glamorous. I'm completely smitten with my husband & together we made the most handsome son imaginable, (fact). My first 3 children are dogs, & likely case is I'll have their fur on me when we meet. When I get into "shooting mode" I have a tendency to forget to ask if it's ok that I pick your wedgie before I just do it, you'll thank me later ♥ If I'm not at the studio or at home, I'm probably wandering the aisles of Target convincing myself that I need ALL THE THINGS. 

a few of my

my boudoir


Truthfully, boudoir (and photography in general), is a semi-recent aspiration for me. It wasn’t something I grew up knowing I wanted to do.

I did, however, grow up loving all things girly. 




Pastel colors. Dresses. Barbies (Shout out to my girl Theresa). Polly Pockets. Britney Spears (admittedly, still a guilty pleasure of mine.)

I’ve also always had a pure passion for creating. From a young age, design of all genres captured me, but particularly interior design. I religiously watched TLC and shows like "While You Were Out" & "Trading Spaces" (holding out for the relaunch!)


So…photography was not a creative outlet on my radar, not even a little bit. That is, until I had an awesome experience with a photographer who piqued my curiosity. Not long after, my husband convinced me to give it a try. Instantaneously, I felt at home. I found "my thing".

About a year later, whilst I was bouncing around the different genres photography has to offer, I booked my own boudoir session. The whole experience blew me away. To coming up with looks, to the make-over team, to the guidance during the session, to the very best part of seeing my images for the first time. I knew from that moment on that I needed to show other women this amazing experience. I scheduled my first session with a client-turned-bestie, & I've been hooked ever since.


After that first session, my passion for the genre of boudoir began to totally consume me. I decided to specialize in creating gorgeous images for women and delivering a truly life-changing experience. I am obsessed with every facet of it. The interior design of the studio space, the fashion sense of styling looks, the challenge and excitement of creating art inspired by each of my beautiful muses...but the most of all, I am obsessed with the absolutely profound effect that a boudoir session can have on a woman.



You see, boudoir is more than "sexy photos"...

Boudoir has the power to make you actually

Boudoir is about telling the story of your confidence & sensuality. It's about preserving your story as a reminder of your beauty & bravery. Each of my clients become a totally unique muse that bestows her own inspiration for her session  & will receive a story that is all her own. If you happen to want to share that story with someone, that's simply an extra perk to the experience *wink wink*. 

Getting to experience the kind of


boudoir gives to you is too important to tell yourself you don't deserve it

If you can't already tell, I am 100%


with what I do. I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet with you over lunch,

(or hey! even a Target Date!) to share my passion for boudoir portraiture with you.

If you're ready to find out more