But I Have To Lose Weight First...

We’ve all heard the saying “the camera adds ten pounds”. So when it comes to considering doing a boudoir session for your special someone (or better yet, for yourself) the pressure to lose weight beforehand is REAL.

We live in a society where attributes like back rolls are hardly even acknowledged as a reality, let alone celebrated as a part of our ever changing bodies. It’s only natural to think shedding a few "extra" pounds to get rid of said (non-existent 😉) rolls is necessary before you strip down in front of someone who is practically a stranger to have your pictures taken. But, I’m here to tell you, it’s really not.

I don’t want to say your insecurities aren’t valid, because they 1,000% are. I had the same insecurities myself. But I do want to say that it’s important to not let your insecurities get in the way of an amazing experience that literally has the power to change your whole perspective of yourself.

Maybe you’ve been putting off contacting us about a boudoir session because you want to lose weight first and don’t want to commit until you’re happy with where you’re at. That’s fair, but goals are only awesome as long as they’re not an EXCUSE to keep you from things you want in life. (If you feel called out, this next bit is for you ❤️). Most women who use their weight as an excuse to not have the session their heart really wants are ultimately just afraid of how they’re going to look in their photos.

I was this person. I booked my first session (back before I shot boudoir myself!) expecting to lose 10 pounds in the 3 months I had before my session date. If anything I GAINED 10 lbs 😬, and nervous as I was, I decide to do it anyway (it was already paid for, after all). BEST. DECISION. EVER. I honestly think it even helped me come to terms with the weight I gained while pregnant 2 years later. Every woman’s postpartum body is different, but I was so much more accepting of my version because that session gave me the peace of mind to know that I’m sexiest when I carry myself confidently, REGARDLESS of my weight.

If your decision is to lose weight for yourself & see what you’re capable of, that’s amazing. I want you to crush ALL of your goals! If you think doing so will help you feel incredible, pursue that goal because the side effects of feeling incredible will outweigh everything. But, if you’ve allowed society to put the pressure on you to lose weight for the CAMERA, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The time you’re feeling your least confident and most insecure is BEST time to do a boudoir session for yourself! Because you’ll walk out of our studio KNOWING that regardless of your insecurities, regardless of back rolls, or lumps and bumps, or the fact that your thighs touch...you ARE a stunning Queen fit for a crown ❤️

So. The plan? 1. Book a few months out. 2. Do the work. But if you don’t meet your goal, do the session anyway. Why? Because I promise I will show you just how gorgeous you are at ANY size, including the size you are RIGHT NOW. Or you know what? Screw losing weight before your session and come love yourself right now. That would be pretty amazing, right?? If you’re not “feeling” yourself, contact us to learn more about doing a session with us!

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