Neon Session Lingerie Inspiration

With so many gals jumping onto my calendar for Neon sessions, I thought I would put together a sort of “Master List” of inspiration for this particular type of shoot!! With the lighting being so colorful, this is the perfect shoot to get out of the box of what you would typically bring to your session!


Here’s some basic tips for what to shop for:

  • Reflective pieces are going to give a GORGEOUS effect by picking up the colorful lighting and adding twinkle and dimension. Think glitter, satin, sequins, or maybe even latex 😉

  • This type of shoot will mostly involve standing poses, so fit is very important (especially for chest) to give the most flattering look

  • Accessorize - ALL the bling 😍 and shoes 🙌🏻

  • If you’re feeling especially daring, nude with some body oil would be STUNNING 🙌🏻🤤

  • Body jewelry 😍 think DRIPPING in diamonds

  • Metallic body paint could be really amazing, but keep in mind I’ll have to limit you to surfaces that are easy to wipe clean, so posing on rugs, the couch, and the bed will be off-limits if you go this route!

To make things EVEN EASIER, I’ve even put together a list of lingerie pieces and accessories that I think would take your Neon session to the NEXT LEVEL.

Make sure to pay special attention to size charts and shipping times to ensure you get the piece you want in a size that fits in time for your session! (Fitted is better than lose!)


Size XS-XL

Edge O' Beyond

Some GORGEOUS collections from Edge O Beyond, one of my favorite lingerie lines 😍 they’re on the pricier side, but the details are TJ die for! and since their collections come with so many layers and accessories, one outfit will last through your whole session and you’ll still get an amazing selection of images!

Victoria's Secret Of course, Victoria’s Secret has some great pieces! I mostly snagged neutral pieces. The more either skin showing or reflective material for the colorful lights to reflect, the better!

Playful Promises I could lose HOURS shopping on their site! They have a ton of collections available from sizes 2 - 22! Here's some pieces that stuck out to me for a neon session!!


Plus Size

Playful Promises OBSESSED with all these gorgeous pieces!!!!


Yandy has SOOO much stuff it can be overwhelming to shop! I found some pieces I personally love and could see being fun to shoot at a Neon session! The pieces are typically pretty inexpensive, so you might be able to invest in a few pieces to ensure you've got the most flattering pieces for your shoot! Just be weary of pieces that have too many straps, because they rarely have support, and also avoid corsets! Corsets are WAY too restrictive for all the arching and posing you'll be doing. Save those for the bedroom 😉

Cacique/ Hips & Curves

Some fun sets from both places!


Jewelry + Accessories

ALL THE BLING! I love a gorgeous twinkle in your images! The more light reflecting the more colorful and dynamic your images will turn out!

If you're shopping around for your Neon session, I hope this list helped you find some pieces that will make you feel confident & sexy! If you aren't on the calendar for your own Neon session, apply for the Model Call now! Xoxo, Jenna

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