Ok, so by now you should have read about our Mobile Album App, Curio Display Box, and Luxury Albums - all in our Product in the Spotlight blog series written to help you learn more about what products are perfect for preserving images from your luxurious boudoir experience.

Perhaps you're still not sure that a boudoir session is for you...if that's the case, read this blog post here, (it'll help, promise!) Why learn about all these products now vs. just waiting until you see your images at your Image Premiere? I'm glad you asked! Perk #1: Knowing what you want will let us brainstorm what type of shots you've envisioned for different products and we can focus on those while shooting at your session. Perk #2: BONUSES. If you already know you're dying to get your hands on any of our collections, a Pre-Payment plan offers you awesome bonus products (like our Accordion Books) just for getting what you already know you want! (Contact us if you want to get more info!)

Product in the Spotlight: Locket Box

Locket Box

WHAT IT IS: A glossy black box complete with lock and key (like a jewelry box)! Enclosed you will have 30 of your favorite images mounted onto thick (and I mean THICK) 4x6" prints. The inside cover of the box features a laser engraving of our logo or, if you're willing to wait a little longer, you can upgrade to a custom laser engraved message! It even comes with a cloth to polish away finger prints and ensure it stays shiny & new! ♛

HOW TO GET IT: Our Locket Box is available as an option in the Lavish and Opulence collections or via our A La Carte menu. If selected in the Lavish or Opulence collection, it also contains a slot for a laser engraved usb thumb drive which will include the high resolution digital images that come with your collection! (Contact us here, if you'd like a detailed price list). WHY WE LOVE IT: I love the Locket Box for a lot of the same reasons I love our Curio Display Box! It looks just like a jewelry box, so it's easy to keep out on, say, a dresser or a nightstand. HOWEVER, with the lock & key, your prints will remain safe from peeping eyes or little fingers (lookin' at you, mamas 🤣)! It has a timeless black piano-gloss finish that will be neutral to your home decor for years and years to come, ensuring it will never go out of style! All of the prints are mounted on super thick and durable paper, so you (or your special someone) can look through these images as frequently as you'd like! Feeling blah? Pull out your Locket Box for the ultimate confidence boost! Mounted prints are also great because you can rotate your images through display frames, should you have any you're not particularly shy about 😉. It contains twice as many images as our Curio Display Box, but your prints are still placed in your box in no particular order. Which means selecting your images is simply just picking the ones that are your absolute favorites (aka the hardest part 😅). The ultimate product for the gal looking to keep her sensual secrets, secret 🗝.

Watch the video below to see more details of our luminous Locket Box!


What do YOU think? Do you prefer the privacy of the Locket Box or flaunting your images with the Curio Display Box? Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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