If you're in our Exclusive All-Female Facebook Group, The Queendom, you've been getting little peeks into this couple's sexy date night session and have been chomping at the bit to see just how steamy it got. Well, let me tell you.....STEAM-Y! I LOVED shooting this couple's session so much! We wanted to capture them as if they'd just got in from a seductive date night out and could no longer keep their hands off each other. Couples sessions are so great because you can actually turn them into a REAL date night! You'll already have your hair & makeup done, might as well go out and enjoy yourselves! Or, be like one client I had who decided to turn her Image Premiere into a hotttt date night! She wore some provocative stockings under a fitted dress (yassss) so when her and her hubs went through the images, they were taken back to the moments and ready to head into the rest of their evening feeling intimate and sensual! So are you ready to see the 🔥? Real quick, grab yourself some water and a fan to keep cool; because you're going to start feelin' the heat as soon as you start scrolling through these...

Whew, I'm STILL catching my breath!

Ready to take the plunge with your beau? Contact us to learn more about doing a Couple's Session that you won't forget for years to come!

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