Summer State of Mind

Earlier this month I traveled down to central FL to spend some time with my family, and get a healthy dose of some much needed warmth & sunshine! It was a much needed getaway from the cold of Virginia, for this Florida grown gal. I am always SO excited when I get to travel down and shoot in new spaces! I got to shoot in a GORGEOUS new studio, right in downtown Tampa, literally blocks away from my old elementary school. It had all the gorgeous historic Tampa goodness that I miss. BUT another favorite thing about traveling down is connecting with my favorite Florida-based make-up artist, Lindsay. She does gorgeous work with all my clients and I've been dying to get her in front of my camera since the day we met! This time, the stars aligned just right and we were able to make some amazing 🔥images! I had a lingerie set from Victoria's Secret's Spring '19 line that has been sitting in the studio unused, with tags still attached. The second I saw it, I envisioned a warm, pool-side, FL-vibes shoot. When I showed Lindsay the set, she was SO down and even asked around to try and find the perfect poolside to shoot by. Let me just say, LINDSAY FUCKING NAILED THAT SHIT. Here's what Lindsay had to say about her experience being in front of the camera... "Being recently separated and a month away from my 30th birthday, this shoot was everything I needed and more. Jenna gave me back the confidence and “juju” I thought I had lost, and left me feeling like a brand new woman. It was an excellent way to kick off this new chapter in my life! Jenna has a way of connecting with her subject unlike any other. She can visualize exactly how and where to photograph you to capture your absolute best. Any self doubt or self consciousness goes right out the window once you get started with her! After seeing just a few of her shots in the very beginning of our shoot I told her, “this is the greatest confidence booster ever!” From that point forward I was as comfortable in my own skin as I’ve ever been."

Are you warmed up yet? 😉🔥 If you've got a cool location in mind to shoot at, let's make it happen! Big thank you to Historic Tampa Homes for letting us shoot at one of your gorgeous properties!

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