When you see the words "Boudoir Photography" what image comes to mind first?

Probably a curvaceous woman donning scantily clad lingerie in some version of a seductive or insinuative pose. On the surface, most often than not, it is exactly that. But, if you look deeper it is SO much more than that.

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The women who not only have these images taken, but further, allow me to share them on venues such as this blog, possess an exceptional amount of bravery.

Some people might scoff and see the petite women in my portfolio and think "Ha! I doubt that woman had ANY problems getting half-naked for her photos, her body is perfect." But those people would be so incredibly mistaken.

None of the women I have photographed are professional models in any regard. And their fears are as valid and real as anyone else'. I absolutely guarantee you, 100% of the women who I have in my portfolio have looked in the mirror, possibly even moments before their session, and questioned whether or not they were beautiful enough to have photos like these taken.

"Will people think I look too (fat/thin/wrinkly/young/old/put adjective here)?"..."Will my partner laugh at these?"....

That fact is absolutely heart-breaking, and unfortunately the reality of the world we live in. But, that is where boudoir photography comes in.

Boudoir photography has the power to show these women themselves how other's see it...not just reflecting back through a mirror, but reflecting through the eyes of someone who CAN see their undeniable beauty. I'm not just saying this, I KNOW this because I've had my own boudoir photos taken.

You know what part of my body I had no idea looked as good as it did? My ass. Yup. I am not ashamed to admit that when I saw a photo of my ass that wasn't taken from a downward position or via mirrored screen, I was like DAYUM, no wonder my husband loves it so much. From then on any time my husband compliments my butt, I BELIEVE HIM.

Yup, that's my tush :)

THAT is the power of boudoir.

Maybe insignificant to some, but exceptional to so many.

As the famous quote goes "With great power, comes great responsibility".

I have a personal responsibility to show the women who come to me the beauty and bravery they posses.

If you're ready to start your journey to Believing in YOUR Beauty?, contact me to get started, you won't regret it! <3

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